This lionhearted feline is here for all of the beach vacays and bird watching. Give our pal Cheddar a follow and a like! 

Q: How old are you?
I will be 3 at the end of august! I like to think I’m still in my kitten years 😹

Q: What are some crazy nicknames your parents have given you?
So. Many. Cheddie is the main one, but I go by Chedster, pickles, moop, honey bunches of Ched. The list goes on! 

Q: Where do you live?
Born and raised in Canada 🇨🇦

Q: What is your favorite place to go in your Roverlund?
My grandparents house! It’s really big and has lots of stairs for me to run up and down at night! I have to go by car so my Roverlund keeps me feeling safe on the road! 🥾

Q: Do you have any fun or faraway adventures planned this summer?
My parents want to go to the beach, so I’m trying to get used to sand! I hope there are some seagulls for me to watch…

Q: Do you have any tips on getting used to your Roverlund gear?
My parents put it out a few weeks before our trip so I could sniff it and try sleeping in it. Very helpful for a scaredy cat like myself!

Q: If you were a human celebrity, who would you be?
I like to think of myself as a celebrity 💁‍♀️ but I also loved Grumpy Cat! He was a true icon. 💅

Q: What song is the soundtrack to your life?
Anything off the Barbie Soundtrack, I’m obsessed. 💃🎤

Q: Do you believe in dog astrology? What's your sign?
I’m a Leo so I’m very outgoing and like to perform, as you can tell by my instagram! Ginger cat energy mixed with Leo traits makes for a wild kitty!


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