Let's meet the enchanting and irresistibly cute pal Popeyethefoodie who's about to steal the spotlight in this delightful interview! 🐶

Q: How old are you?

About 10 years old 

Q: What are you going to be from Halloween?

Not sure yet, but we did put together Emo Jimmy Butler recently 🤠

Q: Do you have any favorite pet-friendly Halloween treats?

He used to get Starbucks pumpkin puppacino. Not sure they still have it ☕️

Q: What are some crazy nicknames your parents have given you?

Jekyll and Hyde because as he’s getting older, he’s super grouchy at night when he’s in bed 🐶

Q: Where do you live?

Southern California - Los Angeles area  🎰

Q: What is your favorite place to go in your Roverlund?

We just got it but it’ll be good for bike rides and travel anywhere he may not want to walk too much 🙌🏼

Q: Do you have any fun or faraway adventures planned this fall?

Not at the moment but we hope for a little road trip up north sometime 🍂

Q: Do you have any tips on getting used to your Roverlund gear?

Use it for short periods of time first to get comfortable. Then start extending it further to make sure your pup stays comfortable.

Q: If you were a celebrity, who would you be?
I would say Keanu Reeves as he’s mostly quiet and doesn’t like too much attention. But he turns it on for the camera when needed 😎

Q: What song is the soundtrack to your life?

Maybe the song “walking on sunshine” as he doesn’t have to work but gets to go out, dine out, enjoy trips and gets so much love. 🎶

Q: Do you believe in dog astrology? What’s your sign?

Not aware but interested. 😁

Q: What’s your life mantra?

Life is short but a dog’s life is shorter so take advantage and enjoy that time with your pup. It’s better with a pup. ✨

Until next time, keep spreading love and joy, just like our pawsome pal! Don't forget to give a follow @popeyethefoodie 🐾❤️

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