Customer Pet Carrier Reviews

Reviews, ratings and raves of Roverlund's much-loved airline-compliant pet carrier from our fans!

by John on Jun 24, 2021

Just took our 24 lb French Bulldog on his first 4 flights with this carrier and we were SO happy with it!! He was even able to turn around in it. Thanks for a great product!

by Divya on May 18, 2021

I have a 16 pound Doxie, and I needed a bag roomy enough for his long body! The out of office carrier in a size large is perfect for him. He has enough ventilation, can lay down, and turn around. I also needed a sturdy bag that would not sag at the bottom with my pup inside, since I plan to fly with him and want to carry his I’m comfort!

by Alyssa on Apr 13, 2021

I am usually an impulse buyer, but I searched for a couple weeks for the perfect pet carrier for my itty chihuahua. Everything I found didn’t have enough mesh, was too big, or just plain ugly. When I found this one, I bought it immediately! I received it, and am in love. It’s collapsible but sturdy, perfectly small, cute but tough, and functional (The strap is also a leash!)!

by Yuki on Apr 07, 2021

Arrived very fast. Looks great and quality looks great so far. Impulse buy a la Instagram ad. We literally have nowhere to go. 13 lbs Cavapoo. The bag is a bit large for her but the small is too small. Looking forward to an adventure soon!

by Kelly K on Feb 22, 2021

Excellent product!! Super sturdy and the larger size can actually fit both of our Persian cats but we figured each one needed their own. Took on airplane and had no problem fitting underneath the seat. These carriers are quite stylish as well-we travel frequently and wanted our little guys to transport in style :)

by Donna Bailey on Feb 15, 2021

Oh my goodness, there are not enough adjectives to properly describe this carrier. It hits all the marks. The pup is comfortable with the padded bottom and airy sides. The owner is empowered with the meaty handles, leash and lightweight carrier and us girls are over the moon with the sassy looks. I have a tiny long haired chihuahua with a big dog attitude and this carrier carries that attitude with flare. I LOVE THIS CARRIER. It’s my favorite purchase for my pup and I’ve made many purchases. To close, I have to give a big shout out to the customer service team. They were so polite and accommodating when I reached out to them on a delivery date. Now, if they’d just drop the price on the matching bag we’d really be stylin’. 😉

by Molly B on Feb 09, 2021

We had not had a dog in years, so we adopted Tusker. I ordered a roller travel bag online but the space was tight and our pup was not happy going into it. I saw an IG post about Roverlund travel totes and loved the look and it appeared to be well made. When it arrived, I was so pleased to see that the construction was really great. Heavy duty, the marine style rope handle details are really cool. There are several mesh panels so he can see out and have plenty of air. Tusker loves his tote and getting to jump into it for a car ride. I secure the seat belt through the handle loops and off we go. We bought the camo with orange rope handles. A total value and worth every cent. Have referred several friends with smaller dogs who have purchased. Thanks Roverlund! 

by Clare on Feb 09, 2021

My mini doxie absolutely loves his carrier! If I leave it out, he hops in there to take a nap. I love how sturdy and high quality the carrier is, so I don’t have to worry about something breaking in the airport. He’s 12.5lb and I ended up going for the large size because we’ve tried larger carriers and he hates being jostled around, and he loves being really cozy in there! I highly recommend for anyone who travels often and wants a high quality, stylish, and comfy carrier for their little best friend!

by Suze on Dec 22, 2020

Our kitten is obsessed with this carrier. It’s big and cozy and makes him feel safe and secure when we go to the vet—not to mention I get tons of compliments on it wherever we go. 10/10 would buy this product over and over! 

by Zoe Spaghetti on Dec 17, 2020

Who knew working would be so stylish and comfy?!? Ever since my mom got us our Carrier + weekend bag neither of us can stop using them. My mom keeps my new bed (yup I love it so much I use as my bed/nap station all day) in her WFH room and I just love to hang out in there. I just love using it as my security station while watching for squirrels but love it more so for naps all day long.

by Eric on Dec 02, 2020

Our 9 week old Shiba Kobe loves this carrier and took to it almost immediately. Great design and super comfortable!

by Toni on Nov 28, 2020

I purchased the Camo Pet Carrier a couple of months ago. This is the best dog carrier ever, my puppy actually jumps into it and takes naps. After falling in love with the carrier I decided to also purchase the Carry All. I’ll use that to transport my dog’s treats, blanket, toys and collapsible bowls. I would highly recommend both these items, you will not be disappointed, a true 10 among pet carriers.

by Patrick Healy on Nov 25, 2020

We purchased this bag to go pick up our new puppy and it more then met expectations! It fit nicely under the seat of the plane and it got compliments from everyone in the airport! The detachable leash is. Great touch! Great product all around!

by Linquire Wilson on Oct 28, 2020

My puppy is four months and hype. However, this carrier was comfy enough to keep her quiet during the ten hour we traveled from DC to Paris France . This bag is well made stylish and comfortable to carry. My puppy is 5 pounds Chinese Crested. Highly recommended this product

by Alexandra on Oct 27, 2020

I just received the large Out-of-Office Pet Carrier for my 23 lb Boston Terrier, and he absolutely loves it! I was initially concerned about sizing (he is a tall boy) but it is the perfect amount of room for him to comfortably reposition himself and squirm around. He is so content lounging in it around the house. This just took so much stress off my mind - looking forward to our flight now knowing he will feel safe and relaxed in the main cabin with me.

Very impressed with the quality of the product. It is sturdy yet squishy enough to provide equal parts durability and comfort. Highly recommend!

by Kyra Madison on Oct 21, 2020

I love this carrier! I’m planning on using it to fly on an airplane next week with my dog and this eases my mind when it comes to her comfort. My dog is a 25lb French Pug and she fits in the carrier perfectly. Not only is it durable and extremely well made, but it’s also SO cute! The camo definitely matches my style and I can’t wait to use it on our first big trip. ALSO the customer service of this company is AMAZING! Morticia (my dog) ripped up the (already super durable) inside bedding somehow, but Roverlund sent me a replacement within minutes of me reaching out. And I only had to pay for shipping! 10/10 would recommend this carrier.

by Ariel on Oct 17, 2020

I wanted to write and share with you that we’ve been using your large camo bag and it’s fantastic for traveling. I am writing to share with you that as crazy as it sounds your bag saved our dog's life last night… We were out to dinner and our dog was sitting in the ROVERLUND bag with the top open. Out of nowhere from the table next to us- a large pit bull lunged for our dog and missed him, but got the edge of the Roverlund bag. After a few moments, we were able to get him out (4 month old puppy). And after eight minutes of the pitbull’s mouth locked onto the bag it finally came free. Long story short the bag does have a few tooth punctures in it and can’t totally stand up on one side but I am in shock that the bag is not shredded. I stand by how durable this bag is. And our dog has lived another day. So grateful for the durability.

by Lara on Oct 07, 2020

Very sturdy and I fly a lot with my 7lb yorkie. I have gone through a lot of pet travel Carry ons and this one Is the most durable. I just wish instead of the fleece line mat they offered a cooling mat too. I bought separate cooling mat and it will make it heavier, but worth it.

by CG in JT on Oct 07, 2020

We have a new Boston Terrier pup and were looking for a functional carrier that would last. This model may be a bit more pricey than others but the construction is superior to any that we looked at. The zippers are easy to operate and the openings are wide enough for easy access. Very functional and sturdy.

by Shari M on Oct 07, 2020

The bag is beautiful and well made. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size but I’m exchanging for the bigger one. The Roverlund customer service has been super helpful in answering my questions.

by Lindsey O'Connell (Grover) on Oct 06, 2020

Absolutely love this travel bag for our dog, Grover! We searched all over for a bag that was stylish and functional, and do not regret buying this bag even though we were originally skeptical on the price point. Grover is a standard long haired dachshund, and the standard sized bag is perfect for him. The zip pocket is big enough to hold anything that we would need (treats, small bag of food, collapsable bowl, harness) and it is super convenient that the strap also doubles as a leash if needed. We were also able to put in the carrier a small blanket and water bottle for Grover, and it left plenty of comfortable space for him also. He has even started hopping into the bag for a little nap while we have been on the road, which shows that he loves it too!

by J Carbonel on Oct 06, 2020

Admittedly what initially attracted me to this carrier was the style. I totally went out on a limb buying this without seeing it in person. Upon receiving it I was so glad I took a chance. This far surpasses the quality of any carrier I’ve ever had. The materials are made to last a lifetime. The design is simple and thoughtful. I set it on the floor and immediately my pup hopped and and cozied up in the plush interior and took a nap. What a relief. Pup approved! Can’t wait for the adventures ahead with my Roverlund Carrier.

by Phoenix on Oct 06, 2020

The great thing about this carrier is that not only does it look amazing and stylish but that it’s made so well. The design is perfect for all kinds of travel with enough storage to keep your fur baby’s treats and personal belongings. We get compliments every time we’re out and about. The carrier is made out of top notch materials and the handle ropes are comfortable and sturdy. I highly recommend. Our Echo is in love with it and so are we.

by Marcus Ramseur on Oct 01, 2020

This carrier bag is amazing! My Boston Terrier instantly loved it and fell asleep in the plush removable carpet. The bag is super durable and looks great with my outfits thanks to the amazing design! Will be purchasing again.

by Felicia Garnet on Oct 01, 2020

Amazing product and even better customer service!

by Ashley Chally on Oct 01, 2020

We purchased many travel bags for our French and were so unimpressed with the quality until we found this bag! The craftsmanship and durability is on a different level than any of the big name carriers you can get in the pet stores. Just taking it out of the shipping bag it was obvious what great quality it was. It helps that our pup loves it too! So glad we found Roverlund! Well worth the money!