Introducing our May #Roverlund Pal, Louis, aka @LouisthePomsky! Hailing from Miami, this pomeranian prince is here for the sunshine-good vibes and peanut butter treats!

Read on for our interview with the one and only Louis, the pom pom King of Miami Beach! 

Q: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Usually, I am very scared of bodies of water like the ocean. I bark and get very protective when waves are crashing on the shore! A few summers ago I went on an adventure in Maine with my mommy and her friends. We all went to a nearby lake to cool off and take a dip. The last thing anyone expected was for me to go in the water on my own. Maybe it was the summer heat that gave me the confidence because before I knew it, I ran straight into the water and spent all afternoon swimming!

Q: Do you have any funny nicknames?

People call me many names! My favorites are King Louis, LouLou and Loufus. 

Q: How do you show your mommy you love her?

I show my mommy I love her by twirling around in a thousand circles when she enters the room followed by endless kisses! 💋

Q: What do you love about your Roverlund?

 I love how comfy and stylish my Roverlund is! My mommy loves bringing it around and it always matches her outfits. 👗

Q: What summer adventures do you have coming up?

This summer I am going to explore all the beaches of South Florida. 🏖

Q: Where is your favorite place to go in your Roverlund?

My favorite place to go in my Roverlund is to a restaurant! Before my Roverlund I had to sit on the floor but now I get my own comfy designated space. My Roverlund brings a new sense of comfort on all my adventures.

Q: If you were a human celebrity, who would you be?

If I were a human celebrity I would be Alix Earle. 😉

Q: What song is the soundtrack to your soul?

The soundtrack to my soul is Flawless by Beyoncé.  💃🎤

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