Sizing Guide & Pet Carrier Fit

At Roverlund, we know choosing the right carrier for your adventure buddy is essential to enjoying smooth journeys together. Whether you’re running errands around town or jetting off to far-away places, having a carrier that your pup is comfortable in is a necessity.

Here are our tips to select the right size Roverlund pet carrier!

Weigh Your Pup

You can use your pup's estimated weight as a guide to select the best pet carrier size.

The Out-of-Office Pet Carrier comes in two sizes:

  • Small (suitable for most dogs and cats 15 lbs and under)
  • Large (suitable for most dogs and cats 25 lbs and under)

When in doubt, we always recommend going a size up.

Measure Your Pup’s Length and Height
If you have a measuring tape handy, you can also take their measurements to confirm it will be a good fit. Start at the front of their chest and measure the distance to their rear. For their height, measure from the top of their shoulder blade to the base of their paw.

  • Small fits most dogs up to 16.5" in length and 10" in height
  • Large fits most dogs up to 18.5” in length and 12" in height.

I’ve received the carrier. How do I know it is the right fit?
It is okay if the carrier is a snugger fit, as long as your pet seems comfortable and can turn around inside the bag.

Most Pups Won’t Stand Up in the Carrier
It is totally normal if your pet is not able to stand up in the carrier.

Think of the ideal size as a cozy, snuggly place for your pup or cat to curl up in and snooze. With soft-sided carriers like ours, most pups—unless they are teacup or toy size breeds—will not be able to stand up inside—and that’s okay!

Maximizing Your Pup's Space for Air Travel
Our carriers are in-cabin compliant with most major airlines.

Each carrier is designed to fit within the space under the seat in front of you, which is typically about 12” in height.

Our pet carrier is one of the largest in-cabin compliant carriers available. When traveling by plane with our Large size, we recommend removing your carrier's rear pocket insert. This way, your carrier's flexible rear frame can more easily conform to the seat requirements in front of you.

Please keep in mind that in-cabin pet policies are subject to change at any time, and we always encourage our customers to reach out to your specific airline prior to your planned travel with any concerns you may have.

With these tips, you’ve got a perfect fit for Fido!

No matter where you’re going or what means of transportation you’re taking, we hope this guide helps you find the perfect carrier for your pup or cat!

Check out what these happy customers have to say about their Roverlund pet carrier:
“Excellent product!! Super sturdy and the larger size can actually fit both of our Persian cats but we figured each one needed their own. Took on airplane and had no problem fitting underneath the seat. These carriers are quite stylish as well—we travel frequently and wanted our little guys to transport in style :)” - Kelly

“I just received the large Out-of-Office Pet Carrier for my 23 lb. Boston Terrier, and he absolutely loves it! I was initially concerned about sizing (he is a tall boy) but it is the perfect amount of room for him to comfortably reposition himself and squirm around. He is so content lounging in it around the house. This just took so much stress off my mind - looking forward to our flight now knowing he will feel safe and relaxed in the main cabin with me.” - Alexandra

“I love this carrier! I’m planning on using it to fly on an airplane next week with my dog and this eases my mind when it comes to her comfort. My dog is a 25lb French Pug and she fits in the carrier perfectly.” - Kyra

“Grover is a standard long-haired dachshund, and the Large sized bag is perfect for him. The zip pocket is big enough to hold anything that we would need (treats, small bag of food, collapsible bowl, harness) and it is super convenient that the strap also doubles as a leash if needed. We were also able to put in the carrier a small blanket and water bottle for Grover, and it left plenty of comfortable space for him also.” - Lindsay