Wheel Base | Features

  • Choose Your Size: Available in small and large to seamlessly fit your existing Roverlund pet carrier.
  • Built to Last: Constructed with an ultra-durable polycarbonate shell that boasts a sleek, matte finish.
  • Smooth Glide: Equipped with eye-catching neon skateboard wheels, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride for your pet.
  • Secure Transport: Comes with two sturdy bungee cords, designed to hold your pet carrier firmly in place during movement.
  • Two Ways to Navigate: Once your pet carrier is secured to the wheel base, you can pull your pet in 2 ways:
    • 1) Keep the shoulder strap connected at both ends of the pet carrier. Grasp the center of the shoulder strap and navigate your pet carrier wheel base by continuing to hold the middle of the shoulder strap as you walk. This style mimics how you would walk with a roller suitcase at your side. 
    • 2) Simply latch the shoulder strap clip to the front D-ring and you're all set to pull your pup around.